Encountering Jesus in the New Testament

Ave Maria Press

Book cover for Encountering Jesus in the New Testament
Book cover for Encountering Jesus in the New Testament

Encountering Jesus in the New Testament

Encountering Jesus in the New Testament

Ave Maria Press

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The revised and updated edition of Encountering Jesus in the New Testament offers a complete survey of the four Gospels, the letters of St. Paul, and the universal Catholic letters that helped to define the Church's beliefs about Jesus Christ. The textbook provides a sweeping view of Christ, both from the understanding of his early followers and the inspired authors of the New Testament and from those in the first centuries who did not believe in Jesus and were his enemies.

This new edition is in a 6-inch by 9-inch, college-sized format and includes a number of new and special features:

  • direct references to Scripture meant to send students directly to the Bible so they can read the passages and their commentaries;
  • three chapter assignments, each pitched to a different learning style;
  • a central focus question at the beginning of each chapter and repeated in the chapter summary;
  • note-taking graphic organizers for each chapter section to help students highlight, outline, and remember what they have read, with section assessment questions geared to the note-taking prompts;
  • chapter sections with clearly identified main ideas;
  • section assessment questions in a variety of styles;
  • section summaries with questions that can be used to review for the chapter test or as extra credit; and
  • redesigned chapters with new infographic features and photo essays.

Encountering Jesus in the New Testament is a companion to a course on the New Testament. This course is typically taught in one semester, following an introductory course on the Old Testament. The text can also be used as the main textbook for the required courses I, II, and III of the USCCB curriculum framework.

Encountering Jesus in the New Testament is available on several different platforms, including in the popular enhanced Apple iText version with several supporting embedded videos from sources such as Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, Catholic Relief Services, and OBD Films. Online resources are available to accompany all formats and include directed reading worksheets, crossword puzzles, PowerPoint slides, YouTube writing and discussion assignments, chapter tests, and handouts.

A Teacher's Wraparound Edition (TWE) provides strategies and lessons to facilitate several different learning styles. Guides, approaches, rubrics, questions, and answers all make a teacher's planning and assignment of each chapter easier. The TWE also offers references to USCCB curriculum points for required courses I, II, and III of the doctrinal protocol.

Publishing Information

Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Pub date: 2021-01-22
Length: 568 pages
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