The Hearth Book

Julio Castro, Zachariah Kalahiki

Book cover for The Hearth Book
Book cover for The Hearth Book

The Hearth Book

The Hearth Book

Julio Castro, Zachariah Kalahiki

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This book is meant to liberate humanity and make the world a better place not only for my son, but all future generations. My message to the world is that love is the key that unlocks us to our fullest potential. We can accept the universe as one shared existence, this way no one would miss treat another as it would be like miss treating oneself. We can unify through love and acceptance, as we learn to view the world through the eyes of non-domination. We can consider our relationships with one another, and not only with people but with minerals, plants, animals and the entire cosmos as we are all relative to each other. We can heal each other with our Toroidal energy fields/Magnanimous auras when we love.
"Therefore you will know the Torus and the Torus will set you free. " - Santos Bonacci

About the Author

I am Julio Castro 25 years young, most know me by my social media name Divine Being Being Divine. I am an Independent Researcher/Syncretist. The subject of SYNCRETISM is one of expansive and comparative studies which I discovered through Santos Bonacci/Mr. Astro Theology, an amazing soul whos ambition like mine is to cherish preserve and spread the truth as much as possible.Most know me as Embodiment Celestial on social media. If you have a hard time understanding this book I do extensive break downs on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter with over 1 million followers collectively. I also am the founder of Celestial University on housing multiple web courses and currently sitting at more than 30,000 enrollments. There is this unspoken thing that is all around us, you cant quite put your finger on it but you know its there. The system can separate you from your divinity. Everything that we teach is meant to bridge you back.

Publishing Information

Publisher: Embodiment Celestial
Pub date: 2023-04-04
Length: 246 pages
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