Join the Allstora Author Program

How does our Author Program work?

Hear all about it from our Director of Author Relations, Chris Kappel. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below or email us at



Create an Allstora account, claim your books, and submit your application. We’ll be in touch to verify your identity!


Earn 100% of the profits on every book sale, and $5 for every new member who signs up with your referral link.


At the end of each month, we’ll pay you automatically via PayPal.


If your book is carried by Ingram, you can claim it when applying to the Author Program. When we review your application, we'll add any books you requested that are not currently on Allstora.

If you are self published, you must be enrolled with IngramSpark in order for us to carry your book(s).

Yes! We said we’re committed to sharing profits fairly with authors, and we mean it. We track all prior commissions generated on sales of your books before you even sign up. You will receive those accrued funds on the last day of the second month you join.

Plaid is a trusted platform for identity verification. Paying out authors is a core part of our mission, and we need to be sure that your sales commissions are actually going to you!

We are a lean team, so it may take up to a month in order to review your application. Rest assured, any and all sales commissions are still accruing in the meantime! 

Make sure you completed your identity verification with Plaid, which was sent to you via email immediately after applying. We only review requests from authors who have verified their identity. If you need a new verification link, or you have completed Plaid and still have not heard from us, please contact us at

If you have a contact form on your website, we will reach out via that form to confirm the email you applied with, so please be on the lookout! If you have no email or contact form listed on your website, please contact us at

You can claim additional books once you're enrolled by visiting your author page and clicking "Don't see all of your books?" under your affiliate links.

Don’t worry, you’re not immediately disqualified. Sometimes some small details may trip up Plaid’s instant result. We review what caused Plaid to fail and make a decision based on all of the information provided to us in your application.

We are unable to give a detailed explanation on every application that we review. If you were rejected and believe we made a mistake, please review all of our guidelines and re-apply with the correct information. You can provide any additional details that might help us verify you in the last section, “Anything else we should know?”

Email us at