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Queer History 101 is dedicated to highlighting non-fiction books that explore the lives of LGBTQ+ folks past and present. This book club now includes all of the Allstora Membership perks!

  • Enjoy one book shipped to your door each month, starting with The Other Olympians: Fascism, Queerness, and the Making of Modern Sports by Michael Waters.
  • Receive a collectible vintage postcard each month.
  • Gain exclusive access to author interviews and community discussion forums.
  • Get 30% off all online purchases.

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The Other Olympians: Facism, Queerness, and the Making of Modern Sports by Michael Waters

Waters masterfully highlights pioneering trans and intersex athletes in the 1930s, such as Zdeněk Koubek and Mark Weston, who became global celebrities after they came out. This book also tracks how the International Olympic Committee developed its obsession with upholding rigid concepts of gender, laying the groundwork for the culture wars we are still witnessing today.

Dr. Eric Cervini Homo Historian

Q's about the book club?

To join Queer History 101, simply subscribe on our website. The cost is $24.50/month + shipping. Perks include a complimentary Allstora membership, exclusive interviews, themed playlists, and limited-edition collectibles, with more exciting things to come!

Yes! However, if you’d like to continue getting 30% off all books on our site, you’ll have to sign up for an Allstora membership separately.

For book club subscriptions, you will be billed on a monthly basis on the 15th of each month, regardless of the date you first subscribe.

We will announce each month’s selection on the 15th of the prior month. If you're not interested in a particular month's book selection, you have the option to skip that month's shipment and receive a gift card for the equivalent amount. If you'd like to opt for the gift card, you have until the 17th to let us know.

When you sign up for a Book Club subscription, our system will automatically cancel your membership, so you aren’t paying double! Membership is a complimentary perk of any Book Club subscription.

Back when we were ShopQueer.co, Queer History 101 was our original book club subscription! We're so excited to be relaunching this club with extra perks for our Allstora family.


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