Four Squares

Bobby Finger

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Book cover for Four Squares
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Four Squares

Four Squares

Bobby Finger

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From the beloved author of The Old Place comes a tender, funny, and fresh novel about a gay writer in New York City whose life is irrevocably altered, and then again thirty years later.

In 1992, on his thirtieth birthday, Artie Anderson meets the man who will change his life. Artie spends his days at a tedious advertising job, finding relief in the corner of New York City he can call his own, even as the queer community is still being ravaged by HIV. But when his birthday celebration brings Artie and his friends to his favorite bar, a chance encounter with Abe, an uptight lawyer and Artie's opposite in almost every way, pushes Artie to want, and to ask for, more for himself.

Thirty years later, Artie is stunned when Halle and Vanessa, Abe's daughter and ex-wife, announce they are moving across the country. Artie has built a lovely, if small, life, but their departure makes Artie realize that he might be lonelier than he previously thought. When a surprising injury pushes Artie into the hands of GALS, the local center for queer seniors, a rambunctious group of elders insist on taking him under their wing.

Alternating between both timelines, Four Squares is an intimate look at what it means to find community at any age. With humor and compassion, it honors the enduring power of queer friendship, its history, and how essential it is to keep those stories alive.

About the Author

Bobby Finger is the author of The Old Place, and cohost of the popular celebrity and entertainment podcast, Who? Weekly. A Texas native, he lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Critical Reviews

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One of People's Essential Reading for Pride: Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Books for Adults
One of Barnes and Noble's Most Anticipated Books of June 2024
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"A charming, heartwarming novel." --People

"Four Squares had my heart in its hands from the first page. Finger's decades-spanning novel is not only a love letter to an ever-changing New York, but also an ode to friendships--those that are old, those that are new, and those that are entirely unexpected. It's a celebration of the power of community to uplift and heal us, and a testament to the necessity of keeping queer stories alive. It's also uproariously, side-splittingly funny." --Grant Ginder, author of Let's Not Do That Again

"Five stars for Four Squares! A beautiful and immersive story of often achingly relatable moments of being gay and longing for love during trying times. This journey of a writer seeking to perfectly capture imperfect joys of friendships and family--trying to put words to life's sometimes indescribable experiences--is hopeful, insightful, and absolutely delightful." --Byron Lane, author of Big Gay Wedding

"Excuse me while I sob for 300 pages. Old people just get me so emosh, guys." --Betches

"Finger's depictions of the changes in the West Village, the depredations of aging, and the possibilities of romantic connection between older single people are acute, yet infused with a sweet shrug of resignation...A big-hearted and relatable read, especially if you're old enough to remember the 1990s." --Kirkus Reviews

"Finger's affectionate and evocative sophomore novel (after The Old Place) alternates between two distinct periods in a writer's life... [Artie] makes for an endearing protagonist, one who is deeply shaped by his evolving feelings for others in his life. Admirers of Finger's first book will love this." --Publishers Weekly

"Another funny, heartfelt novel...Finger's dialogue is exquisite, and his characters are unforgettable. Four Squares is a readable and cinematic tribute to queer love and friendship." --Booklist

"Bobby Finger's beautiful sophomore release explores a vital, queer Baby Boomer perspective... It's a love letter to the gay community--especially the elders who fought for the progress we've seen since the AIDS epidemic--and the importance of preserving its history. " --Bustle

"From a former B&N Monthly Pick author, this is a big-hearted novel of community and fresh starts, perfect for fans of Less by Andrew Sean Greer." --Barnes and Noble Reads

"This novel alternates between the two timelines, exploring two different paths that Artie could have taken and taking the reader on a journey of self-discovery." --Brit + Co

"A moving and reflective novel of New York, aging, community, and chosen family." --Arlington Magazine

"This warm, funny, bittersweet valentine to the importance of community and connection at any age feels like a hug." --Amazon Book Review

"Four Squares is a work of immense literary generosity. Through the story of Artie Anderson--at once an every(gay)man and an unforgettable protagonist--Finger has braided together New York City's queer past and its queer present, bringing a community's joys, sorrows, and unsung heroes into the light. A witty, absorbing, and deeply loveable book." --Daniel Lefferts, author of Ways and Means

"Four Squares affirms what all of us hope is so: We can put our lives, our emotions on hold for only so long, pushing away contentment and, yes, joy with bitter resolve. When we can ignore happiness no longer, it's there to welcome us, informed and enriched by that hurt and loss--and somehow richer. Four Squares is just the Bobby Finger-taught life lesson I needed." --Jeffrey Dale Lofton, author of Red Clay Suzie

Publishing Information

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Pub date: 2024-06-18
Length: 336 pages

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