Bad Mormon: A Memoir

Heather Gay

Book cover for Bad Mormon: A Memoir
Book cover for Bad Mormon: A Memoir
Book cover for Bad Mormon: A Memoir
Book cover for Bad Mormon: A Memoir

Bad Mormon: A Memoir

Bad Mormon: A Memoir

Heather Gay

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Named one of Entertainment Tonight's Best Celebrity Memoirs of 2023
As seen in The New York Times, People, The Cut, Vulture, The Daily Beast, Today, Bustle, Us Weekly, Life & Style, and Interview

"No stone goes unturned" (People) in this memoir about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay's departure from the Mormon Church, and her unforeseen success in business, television, and single motherhood.

Straight off the slopes and into the spotlight, Heather Gay is famous for speaking the gospel truth. Whether as a businesswoman, mother, or television personality, she is unafraid to blaze a new trail, even if it means losing family, friends, and her community.

Born and bred to be devout, Heather based her life around her faith. She attended Brigham Young University, served a mission in France, and married into Mormon royalty in the temple. But her life as a good Mormon abruptly ended when she lost the marriage and faith that she had once believed would last forever.

With writing that is beautiful, sad, funny, and true, Heather recounts the difficult discovery of the darkness and damage that often exists behind a picture-perfect life, while examining the nuanced relationship between duty to self and duty to God. "An eye-opening firsthand account of religious indoctrination told with candor and sincerity" (Interview magazine), Bad Mormon is an unfiltered look at the religion that broke her heart.

About the Author

Heather Gay is a star of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and the cofounder of Beauty Lab + Laser, an innovative cosmetic medical practice based in Salt Lake City with its own behind-the-scenes podcast Live Love Lab. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Heather lives in Salt Lake City with her three daughters.

Critical Reviews

"A spicy turns cheeky and reflective...Real Housewives disciples will relish these unfiltered revelations." --Publishers Weekly

"A thoughtful, smart, and funny handbook for apostates." --Kirkus Reviews

"Frank, funny, and irreverent, Bad Mormon captures the spirit of the woman millions have come to love/hate on TV. Even those unfamiliar with the show will be fascinated by her detailed descriptions... The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is a TV sensation, and Gay is the breakout star, so expect a lot of interest in her story of her religious journey." --Booklist

"Gay's book is raw and revealing, an eye-opening firsthand account of religious indoctrination told with candor and sincerity." --Interview Magazine

"Gay's book has major stakes: In tracing her journey from aspiring housewife to capital-H Housewife, she writes about Mormonism's sacred rituals in manner that is not only grounds for excommunication in the church but also risks ostracization from the entire community she held dear for so long." --Bustle

"[A] confident debut." --The Daily Beast

"No stone goes unturned." --PEOPLE

"Gay's story and internal battle will likely resonate with anybody who grew up having a complicated relationship with organized religion." --The Cut

"[Gay's] charismatic personality shines on the show. That same charm is also abundantly evident in her memoir...Recommended for fans of the show, of course. This memoir will also appeal to [those] who enjoy reading about women successfully navigating adulthood and motherhood." --Library Journal

"Heather Gay's Bad Mormon pulls back the curtain on LDS - and - Real Housewife-hood." --New York Magazine, Approval Matrix

Publishing Information

Publisher: Gallery Books
Pub date: 2023-02-07
Length: 304 pages
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