Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones: A Memoir

Priyanka Mattoo

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Book cover for Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones: A Memoir
Book cover for Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones: A Memoir

Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones: A Memoir

Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones: A Memoir

Priyanka Mattoo

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From a wry, insightful, and very funny new voice, here is one woman's peripatetic search for home, from Kashmir to England to Saudi Arabia to Michigan to Rome and, finally, to Los Angeles.

Priyanka Mattoo was born into a wooden house in the Himalayas, as were most of her ancestors. In 1989, however, mounting violence in the region forced Mattoo's community to flee. The home into which her family poured their dreams was reduced to a pile of rubble.

Mattoo never moved back to her beloved Kashmir--because it no longer existed. She and her family just kept packing and unpacking and moving on. In forty years, Mattoo accumulated thirty-two different addresses, and she chronicles her nomadic existence with wit, wisdom, and an inimitable eye for light within the darkest moments.

About the Author

PRIYANKA MATTOO is a writer, filmmaker, former talent agent, and a cofounder of Earios, a women-led podcast network. She is a contributor to The New York Times and The New Yorker, and a recipient of a MacDowell Fellow­ship. Mattoo holds degrees in Italian and law from the University of Michigan and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and kids.

Critical Reviews

"Riotously funny . . . The Secret Garden meets Nora Ephron . . . A book of enormous heart, humor, and insight that will leave readers wanting more of Priyanka Mattoo's company." --BookPage

"Priyanka Mattoo has recreated the beloved, intoxicating Kashmir of her childhood in this beautiful memoir, and in doing so, renders the place immortal. I would follow Mattoo to the ends of the earth, because she would know what to eat there, and how to make a friend, and then sit me down and tell me a story." --Emma Straub, author of This Time Tomorrow

"Wry and moving." --Mira Sethi, Wall Street Journal

"I was enchanted by Mattoo's Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones, a remarkably vivid, moving epic of displacement and its aftermath. With brio, insight, and great warmth, this exceptional debut offers, as art can, a lasting home." --R. O. Kwon, author of Exhibit

"Enjoyably enlightening." --Booklist

"Distinguished by its sharp wit and beating heart, this is a salve for wanderers of all stripes." --Publishers Weekly

"The magic of Bird Milk & Mosquito Bones is that it takes us all over the world but always feels like it could be happening right next door. Priyanka Mattoo's writing is steady and true and warm but also exquisitely insightful and precise. Her family is now our family. Her stories are a part of us. This book is an absolute treasure." --Jami Attenberg, author of I Came All This Way to Meet You

Publishing Information

Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group
Pub date: 2024-06-18
Length: 304 pages

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