Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)

Jo Nesbo, Seán Kinsella

Book cover for Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)
Book cover for Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)
Book cover for Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)
Book cover for Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)
Book cover for Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)
Book cover for Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)

Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)

Killing Moon: A Harry Hole Novel (13)

Jo Nesbo, Seán Kinsella

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NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER - This killer will get inside your head. - Brilliant rogue police investigator Harry Hole is back, this time as an outsider assembling his own team to help find a serial killer who is murdering young women in Oslo in the next novel in the internationally best-selling series.

"One of today's most interesting thriller writers." --Lee Child, author of the #1 best-selling Jack Reacher series

THE HUNT IS ON AND THE POLICE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Two young women are missing, their only connection a party they both attended, hosted by a notorious real-estate magnate. When one of the women is found murdered, the police discover an unusual signature left by the killer, giving them reason to suspect he will strike again.

THEY'RE FACING A KILLER UNLIKE ANY OTHER. And exposing him calls for a detective like no other. But the legendary Harry Hole is gone--fired from the force, drinking himself to oblivion in Los Angeles. It seems that nothing can entice him back to Oslo. Until the woman who saved Harry's life is put in grave danger, and he has no choice but to return to the city that haunts him and track down the murderer.

CATCHING HIM WILL PUSH HARRY TO THE LIMIT. He'll need to bring together a misfit team of former operatives to accomplish what he can't do alone: stop an unstoppable killer. But as the evidence mounts, it becomes clear that there is more to this case than meets the eye...

About the Author

JO NESBØ is a #1 New York Times best-selling author whose books have sold fifty-five million copies worldwide and have been translated into fifty languages. His Harry Hole novels include The Redeemer, The Snowman, The Leopard, Phantom, Knife, and Killing Moon. His other books include The Son, Headhunters, Macbeth, and The Kingdom. He is a recipient of the Raymond Chandler Award for Lifetime Achievement. He lives in Oslo.

Seán Kinsella holds an MPhil in literary translation from Trinity College Dublin. His translations have been longlisted for both the Best Translated Book Award and International Dublin Literary Award. He lives in Norway.

Critical Reviews

"Readers are privy to the doings of a man calling himself Prim, who emerges as the creepiest villain this side of a Thomas Harris novel . . . Nesbø excels at manipulating this sort of ghoulish material. He can heighten suspense with a single word and wrong-foot the most attentive customer."
--Wall Street Journal

--St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Jo Nesbø is one of today's most interesting thriller writers, and Harry Hole is an all-time great character."
--Lee Child, author of the #1 New York Times best-selling Jack Reacher series

"Unassailably the reigning king of Nordic noir as well as a global crime-writing superstar . . . Nesbø is back on gruesome form."
--Financial Times

"A battered hero, a memorably creepy villain, a series of false endings worthy of Jeffery Deaver: What's not to love?"
--Kirkus (starred review)

"Killing Moon is not just an unbearably tense thriller but another of Nesbø's studies in love and loneliness. At his best, as he is here, there are few greater crime writers."
--The Times (London)

"Nesbø deploys all the key ingredients of a cracking good thriller . . . Effortless."

"Breathtaking . . . Harry Hole returns in cracking form . . . It takes all of Hole's ingenuity to uncover what must be the most unusual method of murder in contemporary crime fiction."
--The Sunday Times (Ireland)

"Killing Moon is a magnificent concoction. It is beyond fantastic and is one of the greatest crime novels I have ever read. And I have read thousands."
--Dayton Daily News

"Harry is back. Part rock star, part melancholic philosopher, he is the coolest, smartest, most complex, least orthodox crime fighter around . . . In plotting this book, Nesbø gives us a heap of misleading clues, mistaken arrests, red herrings and blind alleys. He is a master of misdirection."

"Nesbø never releases the heartstrings through an otherwise classic dark police procedural . . . Fans of the series will find this sleuth's grief and loss powerful and will appreciate how life forces Harry back into the work he does so well. Newcomers to Nesbø's well-established investigations won't struggle for context, though."
--New York Journal of Books

Publishing Information

Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group
Pub date: 2023-05-30
Length: 496 pages
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