Night for Day

Roselle Lim

Book cover for Night for Day
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Book cover for Night for Day
Book cover for ean 9798885795791

Night for Day

Night for Day

Roselle Lim

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Two people destined to be together, but to never see each other again, fight against the greatest odds in this powerful and moving fantasy novel by critically acclaimed author Roselle Lim.

Exes Ward Dunbar and Camille Buhay thought they would never see each other again. They had broken up to pursue their dream jobs on opposite sides of the country--her to New York City, and him to Los Angeles. But years later, they unexpectedly reconnect in London, where they are interviewing for similar jobs. The spark they feel when they meet again is palpable--the attraction comes back like muscle memory, reminding them of what they had lost. When Ward and Camille discover they both got the job working opposing shifts, they vow to give their relationship another try.

Ward starts the day shift and finds the immortal clientele unusual and dazzling. When he clocks out at the end of the day, he finds the door locked and himself trapped in the building. After a horrific first night shift contending with restless spirits and ghosts, Camille is also unable to escape. In their respective prisons, they discover that they're able to talk to each other a few minutes before dawn. This fleeting encounter incites longing for each other, but their promise to be together feels impossible. Because they are caught in the middle of a war of the gods--and their choices will determine the outcome.

About the Author

Roselle Lim is a Filipino Chinese writer who came to Canada from the Philippines as a young teen and learned English by watching wrestling shows on television. She has a degree in humanities and history from York University.

Critical Reviews

"Night for Day is an immersive story about the transformative power of love to surpass separation across time and space. Lim builds a world that is gorgeous, sinister, and redemptive by turns, and fans of The Starless Sea will love this read!"--Audrey Burges, author of A House Like an Accordion

"Lim's magical tale is like a cross between Lore by Alexandra Bracken and The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes as it leads readers on a twisted journey that will keep them guessing until the very end."--Library Journal

"The fascinating concept and skillful storytelling will carry readers through to the end...there's plenty to enjoy here."--Publishers Weekly

"This carefully plotted story, dense with clues that Camille and Ward work to solve, is sure to appeal to puzzle masters. A clever novel that is part fantasy, part escape room strategy and trickery, and part romance."--Kirkus Reviews

"Lim blends romantic intrigue, historical details, and fantasy tropes in Ward and Camille's complex world, making this sure to appeal to fans of her previous novels and books like Kerry Anne King's Improbably Yours (2022)."--Booklist

"A fantastical ride in an alternate reality!"--Woman's World

"The story hooks you in right from the start and never lets up."--Red Carpet Crash

Publishing Information

Publisher: Ace Books
Pub date: 2024-02-20
Length: 352 pages

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