Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)

Sarah Sax

Book cover for Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)
Book cover for Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)
Book cover for Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)
Book cover for Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)
Book cover for Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)
Book cover for Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)

Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)

Picture Day: (A Graphic Novel)

Sarah Sax

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Everyone knows the most stressful day of middle school is picture day! And that's exactly where this yearbook-worthy graphic novel series opener begins: with reinventing yourself, drama, popularity, and the friends who see you through.

Seventh-grader Viv never looks forward to picture day. It's just another day where she wears a boring braid and no one notices her. (Her two best friends, Milo and Al, don't count, of course.)

But enough is enough. This year, she's taking matters into her own hands. Literally. Viv grabs a pair of scissors, her phone for live-streaming, and, well, bye-bye braid.

Suddenly Viv is an over-night influencer at Brinkley Middle School. Everyone wants her help planning their next big moment--from haircuts, to dance proposals, activist rallies and mathlete championships. She hardly even has time for her friends anymore. It's exactly how she dreamed of reinventing herself...right?

In the tradition of modern classics like Vera Brosgol's Be Prepared, Svetlana Chmakova's Awkward, and Kayla Miller's Click, Picture Day brings answers to perennial questions of what it means to be true to yourself--and a true friend.

About the Author

Sarah Sax is an author-illustrator based in Portland, ME. She studied illustration, animation and storytelling at Hampshire College. Sarah has a background in arts education and she was a former Creative Director at Lumos Labs (Lumosity) in San Francisco. Sarah cares deeply about how, why and what people create (and how to foster the creative spark in those who've forgotten or are fearful to try). Picture Day is her graphic novel debut.

Critical Reviews

★ "An impressively strong debut....Bold, brash, and honest." --Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Heartfelt interactions surrounding popularity and identity provide ample fodder for introspective discussion." --Publishers Weekly

"For kids who enjoy realistic graphic novels about school, friendship, and discovering your true self." --School Library Journal

"[A] heartwarming story of self-expression and being unapologetically yourself." --Booklist

"The tensions and resolutions are portrayed through heartfelt dialogue and with pacing that feels authentic for the seventh-grade characters and the setting." --The Horn Book

"Picture perfect." --Terri Libenson, bestselling author of Invisible Emmie

"Picture Day is a bighearted story about showing up as yourself--and for your friends. A timely and terrific exploration of navigating both the pressures and the positives of social media and middle school." --Megan Wagner Lloyd, author of Allergic

"Charming, inclusive, and fun. Picture Day won an instant spot on my to-recommend list." --Hope Larson, creator of All Summer Long

"A sweet, high-energy story about finding your place in middle school, friendship drama, wacky haircuts, and some seriously cool roller skating. I'm certain this series is going to be a classic!" --Molly Knox Ostertag, creator of The Witch Boy

"A deeply charming book. This will resonate with readers who are unabashedly tied to the cadences of fandom and social media, but also respects their agency and feelings and the unique ways they navigate social dynamics today." --Shing Yin Khor, creator of the National Book Award finalist The Legend of Auntie Po

"Picture Day will reassure readers that while figuring out who you are is complicated (and occasionally painful or embarrassing), it's totally possible to reinvent yourself into a more authentic you. A delight!" --Molly Brooks, creator of Sanity & Tallulah

Publishing Information

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
Pub date: 2023-06-27
Length: 288 pages
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