The Daily Pressfield

Steven Pressfield, Victor Juhasz

Book cover for The Daily Pressfield
Book cover for The Daily Pressfield

The Daily Pressfield

The Daily Pressfield

Steven Pressfield, Victor Juhasz

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THE DAILY PRESSFIELD is 365 days (plus a bonus week) of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. Are you starting a new book/album/business venture? Open to page one of THE DAILY PRESSFIELD and start rolling. Each chapter begins with a picked quote from THE WAR OF ART, GATES OF FIRE, Pressfield's Writing Wednesdays blog, and other P-field sources. The second half of each chapter is Steve's commentary on that passage. THE DAILY PRESSFIELD is a year's worth of kicks-in-the-butt and pats-on-the-back, structured to counsel, support, and guide you-day-by-day-from the start of your project to its successful completion.

THE DAILY PRESSFIELD is illustrated (one pic a week) by award-winning illustrator Victor Juhasz, whose work you've seen in Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, the New York Times, and many other books, shows, and publications. To see more of Vic's work check out his website at

Publishing Information

Publisher: Sarsaparilla Media
Pub date: 2023-11-21
Length: 548 pages

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