You Gone Girl

Greg Herren

Book cover for You Gone Girl
Book cover for You Gone Girl

You Gone Girl

You Gone Girl

Greg Herren

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The follow-up to "Death Drop," the second book in our drag queen "Killer Queen" mystery series. Having graduated now from drag school, Jem is thrilled when he's hired to help out Miss Queer Mississippi at the Miss Queer America pageant. The only problem? The pageant is being held in Florida, the "don't say gay" state, as an act of political defiance! But once Jem--accompanied by friends Kyle and Ellis--arrives in St. Petersburg, it's soon apparent a lot of the chaos surrounding the pageant is more than just the usual backstage backstabbing and politics, but part of a bigger plan . . . and when a contestant disappears and is presumed dead, Jem and company have to put on their sleuthing caps, find the missing contestant and save the pageant!

Critical Reviews

"Greg Herren takes us on a fabulous ride through the mighty real world of New Orleans high fashion. A design maven ends up dead and when a drag queen in training is implicated by her own make-up bag, it takes a queen to stop a queen! A first-rate launch of a drag queen mystery series we need now more than ever." --Alison Gaylin, Edgar-winning author of "If I Die Tonight" and "The Collective" on Herren's previous Killer Queen Mystery "Death Drop"

"Makeup artist James "Jem" Richard might honestly believe that Marignyt Orloff is committing crimes against fashion with her ill-fitting couture gowns, but that doesn't mean he wanted to kill her. It turns out, however, that someone else did want Marigny dead. This becomes evident when Jem discovers Marigny's body the day after her latest runway show, which featured drag queen models styled by Jem, who was also pressed into service as a last minute model. Now, in between remembering snatches of conversations he overheard at the fashion show and suddenly becoming the target of Marigny's killer, Jem has no choice but to do some investigating of his own, unle3ss he wants his next death drop to be permanent. Personal dramas play out among the engaging cast of characters concocted by award-winning Herren. Readers who enjoy crime fiction with a vividly evoked setting and an entertaining story frame will find this series launch to be the perfect literary lagniappe."--Library Journal on Herren's previous Killer Queen mystery "Death Drop

"With smart, tart writing and a pearl-clutching climax, Lambda Literary Award winner Greg Herren launches the sparkling new Killer Queen Mystery series from Golden Notebook Press. If you like your mysteries served up with a dollop of drama (queen) and on helluva twist (lime, with a tequila chaser)--Death Drop is the book for you!"--Wendy Cross Staub, New York Times bestselling author, on Herren's previous Killer Queen mystery "Death Drop"

Publishing Information

Publisher: Golden Notebook Press
Pub date: 2024-06-18

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