Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet

Ben Goldfarb

Book cover for Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet
Book cover for Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet

Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet

Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet

Ben Goldfarb

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Some 40 million miles of roadways encircle the earth, yet we tend to regard them only as infrastructure for human convenience. While roads are so ubiquitous they're practically invisible to us, wild animals experience them as entirely alien forces of death and disruption. In Crossings, environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb travels throughout the United States and around the world to investigate how roads have transformed our planet. A million animals are killed by cars each day in the U.S. alone, but as the new science of road ecology shows, the harms of highways extend far beyond roadkill. Creatures from antelope to salmon are losing their ability to migrate in search of food and mates; invasive plants hitch rides in tire treads; road salt contaminates lakes and rivers; and the very noise of traffic chases songbirds from vast swaths of habitat.

Yet road ecologists are also seeking to blunt the destruction through innovative solutions. Goldfarb meets with conservationists building bridges for California's mountain lions and tunnels for English toads, engineers deconstructing the labyrinth of logging roads that web national forests, animal rehabbers caring for Tasmania's car-orphaned wallabies, and community organizers working to undo the havoc highways have wreaked upon American cities.

Today, as our planet's road network continues to grow exponentially, the science of road ecology has become increasingly vital. Written with passion and curiosity, Crossings is a sweeping, spirited, and timely investigation into how humans have altered the natural world--and how we can create a better future for all living beings.

Critical Reviews

Wide-ranging and absorbing...Brilliant.--Bill McKibben "New York Review of Books"

Chronicles the enormous ecological damage caused by roadbuilding...Goldfarb guides the reader through an array of often heartbreaking stories, from the Los Angeles mountain lions so isolated by highways that they could inbreed themselves into extirpation to salmon populations smothered by tire pollution.--David Zipper "Bloomberg"

Delves into the burgeoning field of road ecology and introduces the impassioned, sometimes eccentric scientists who invite us to perceive our roads as animals do to better understand the ecological impacts.--Amanda Heidt "Science News"

Like some David Attenborough of the asphalt, Ben Goldfarb has written a fascinating guide to understanding the wilder side of roads, both symbols of freedom and harbingers of unnatural selection.--Tom Vanderbilt, best-selling author of Traffic

A truly important and landmark book on a subject whose full impacts continue to be disregarded or underestimated in considering conservation efforts. Crossings is a moving, compassionate, and indispensable guide to navigating the issue of wildlife survival--and our own.--Jeff VanderMeer, best-selling author of the Southern Reach Trilogy

Crossings, Ben Goldfarb's impassioned quest to understand the ecology of roads and its impact on the natural world, is a marvel. The reader learns something new on every page, disturbed and amazed in equal measure. Goldfarb moves us briskly along the manipulated ecosystem of the highway, with vivid, evocative pitstops for environmental history, ecology, and the built environment. With 15 million additional miles of road scheduled to be built over the globe in the near future, the time for this book is now. Crossings adds a new perspective to conversations on how humans have reshaped life on earth.--The Whiting Award Judges' Citation

Goldfarb writes with such grace, flair, and wit, and he reveals just how thoroughly roads have reshaped the animal world. This is one of the very best science books that I read last year."--Ed Yong, author of An Immense World

Ben Goldfarb approaches our fellow animals with delighted curiosity and rare perception. A deeply researched, wonderfully vivid, and genuinely hopeful book.--Michelle Nijhuis, author of Beloved Beasts

[Crossings has] so many cool stories...frogs and turtles being ushered across roads by volunteer hands, a wildlife crossing for cougars in California, citizen roadkill reporting networks. In many ways, it's a book about the people trying to correct our mistakes.--Colleen Stinchcombe "Seattle Times"

Goldfarb traveled across the country, and the globe, to learn more about how roads have shaped not just our communities but the natural world around us...[R]oads may be nearly invisible to the modern human, just another necessary part of everyday infrastructure. But to the other species on this planet, roads have fundamentally changed their existence.--Emily Baron Cadloff "Modern Farmer"

Through expert interviews, compelling research and analysis, and dogged experiential reporting, Goldfarb brings to life some of the core impacts our 40 million miles of roads have had, and are having, on the natural world.--Brett Berk "Car and Driver"

Beyond the staggering data and the constructive ideas, Crossings is an important book because it is timely: Road ecology is bleeding into the public consciousness at a moment when we can still act on its lessons.--Jonathan C. Slaght "Atlantic"

Captivating...This one's a winner.-- "Publishers Weekly (starred review)"

Goldfarb's absorbing, highly intelligent book gently shakes us awake from our ethical torpor and helps us confront the conservation problem we perpetrate each time we get behind the wheel, accept a package, or use public transportation.--M.R. O'Connor "Undark"

An eye-opening road trip that spans continents to show how paved roads, seen as markers of civilisation, disrupt the natural world...This is a rare, beautifully written book, which tells us hard truths about roads, cars and life on Earth, but still manages to make us feel positive about the road ahead.--Vijaysree Venkatraman "New Scientist"

An elegant--at times startling--account of how our built environment has become an environmental crisis...A manifesto against unnecessary death.--Jimmy Tobias "The Nation"

A powerhouse of a book, a comprehensive and engaging study of the many ways that roads damage natural habitats.--David Gessner "Washington Post"

Ben Goldfarb is the kind of gonzo environmental journalist Hunter S. Thompson would have loved. Crossings, his meditation on the ecological devastation roads and highways inflict--and on the very clever responses from humans and other creatures that road life demands--is an absolute shining star of a book. Modernity and the mobility all we Earth animals require is never going to look the same again.--Dan Flores, best-selling author of Coyote America and Wild New World

A brilliantly panoptic look at our planet's sprawling network of roads: what's wrong with them, how they got that way, and how they could be set right. Precise in detail but vast in scale, Goldfarb's storytelling carries echoes of Michael Pollan and John McPhee, but with a wry humor that is uniquely his own.--Robert Moor, best-selling author of On Trails

Illuminating, witty...[Crossings is] an astonishingly deep pool of wonders.-- "Kirkus Reviews (starred)"

Crossings is science writing at its best...[A] hopeful reminder of our responsibilities in the Anthropocene.--Miranda Weiss "American Scholar"

A fresh and startling history of roads, automobiles, and the carnage and destruction they cause...An astute, funny, and imaginative writer, Goldfarb pairs horror with hope as he chronicles the brilliant innovations and tireless advocacy that resulted in lifesaving wildlife crossings, including park-like overpasses and cozy underpasses.-- "Booklist (starred review)"

Goldfarb examines the severe impact of roads on wildlife populations and their migration and reproduction...Roads aren't going away anytime soon, but Crossings will spark conversation around the future of motorized vehicles and transportation.-- "Bookpage (starred review)"

[A] swift and winding ride through the science of road ecology...[A] surprising reflection on what we owe to nature...[T]he roadkill you spot along the highway will never look the same.--Tess Joosse "Scientific American"

Goldfarb is perceptive about how roads tangle animals together with humans...Crossings is well-paced and vivid, an engaging account.--Timothy Farrington "Wall Street Journal"

Fascinating and compassionate...[Goldfarb] does an admirable job of detailing the ways that highways and freeways divide our cities along racial lines...It's rare for a work so focused on wildlife conservation to also treat race.--Emily Raboteau "New York Times Book Review"

Crossings provides a badly needed corrective...[D]eserves to make the reading lists of policymakers around the world.--Marina Bolotnikova "Vox"

A deeply researched and compelling read...[O]ffers readers a look behind the scenes of a rich but underappreciated field of study that has the potential to affect our everyday lives.--Sarah Boon "Science"

The book is teeming with horrifying statistics: More birds die every week on US roads than were killed by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; each year, frogs are squished by the millions; in New York alone, a deer collision occurs every eight minutes...While that may sound bleak, Crossings is at times surprisingly funny.--Jackie Flynn Mogensen "Mother Jones"

Written elegantly and convincingly, Crossings acknowledges that most of us can't make do without automobiles but urges individual well as public works initiatives of global proportions.--David Luhrssen "Shepherd Express"

[A] perceptive book...Goldfarb charts a path toward a less destructive future.-- "The New Yorker"

Engrossing...Goldfarb invites us to contemplate a future of roads that could be much brighter, if we would just adopt an ethic, he says, in which roads embrace the land instead of conquer it.-- "Smithsonian Magazine"

Publishing Information

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Pub date: 2023-09-12
Length: 384 pages

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