Leases & Rental Agreements

Janet Portman, Ann O'Connell

Book cover for Leases & Rental Agreements
Book cover for Leases & Rental Agreements

Leases & Rental Agreements

Leases & Rental Agreements

Janet Portman, Ann O'Connell

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Create a solid, binding lease that complies with your state

If you rent out residential real estate, you need to create
documents that are legally valid where your rental property is located. Every
state has its own rules when it comes to what landlords must include in their
leases, and generic forms don't tell you what you need to know. Not only does
this book contain instructions on how to tailor your rental documents to your
state's laws, it also gives you customizable versions of key rental forms you
need, including:

- a fixed-term

- a
month-to-month rental agreement

- a rental

- tenant
reference and credit check forms

- move-in and
move-out letters, and

- a property
inspection checklist.

The 15th edition is completely updated to reflect the latest
landlord-tenant laws--find out what your state requires regarding security
deposits, entry to rental property, disclosures, termination notices, and much
more. This new edition also covers topics relevant to today's landlords, such
as cautions about asking for applicants' criminal history, when you can seek
attorneys' fees, and things to consider when using tenant screening reports.

Critical Reviews

"On my scale of one to 10, this excellent book rates a solid 10." Robert Bruss, real estate attorney and nationally syndicated columnist

"A comprehensive look at state and federal laws governing landlord-tenant relations. Recommended..." Library Journal

From the Author: Every landlord should be buying Every Landlord's Legal Guide, our big book that includes a lease and seventeen additional chapters on everything from discrimination to terminating a tenancy. But not every landlord will buy it! For those who want just a lease and that's all, thank you very much, this little book is for them. The alternative is a stationery-store form that is guaranteed to not comply with your state's law, setting the stage for legal problems down the road. Start things right with a legal lease.

Publishing Information

Publisher: NOLO
Pub date: 2023-08-29
Length: 208 pages

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