Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community, and Joy

Noami Grevemberg

Book cover for Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community, and Joy
Book cover for Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community, and Joy

Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community, and Joy

Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community, and Joy

Noami Grevemberg

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Discover what it's really like to live and work full-time on the road in a camper van from eco-vanlifer and founder of the Diversify Vanlife movement, Noami Grevemberg.

Feeling dissatisfied with her office job and her "stationary home," in 2016 Noami Grevemberg took a bold step. She quit her job, sold her belongings, and set out in her 1985 VW Vanagon to pursue a life of simplicity and travel with her husband and German Shepherd by her side.

In her years living fulltime on the road, Noami has become an expert in the many aspects of vanlife. In her book Living the Vanlife, she digs into all aspects of the lifestyle, from getting over the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty, to creating a sustainable, thriving life of adventure and a captivating path of choosing whatever it is you truly want for yourself. Through personal stories and actionable advice, Noami candidly and compassionately demonstrates for readers that challenging the "status quo" means taking bold steps, venturing out of your comfort zone, taking risks, and living intentionally. As a Trinidadian immigrant, Noami also takes a practical look at life on the road as a BIPOC navigating many intersections and speaks to topics like converting a van to fit your specific needs, budgeting for vanlife, finding employment, staying safe, and building a supportive community on the road.

Featuring evocative full-color photographs of Noami's journey, Living the Vanlife is an inclusive and celebratory look at an increasingly popular way of life.

Critical Reviews

"This spirited guide is animated by Grevemberg's passion for a nomadic life. . . The restless are sure to catch the travel bug. " -Publisher's Weekly

"Brimming with honesty, heartful stories, and captivating photographs, Noami Grevemberg's Living the Vanlife is a stunning celebration of the joys and meaning that can be found in embracing this alternative, sustainable lifestyle. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to slow down and embrace the beauty that comes with living with intention by hitting the road." - Christine Platt, author of The Afrominimalist's Guide to Living With Less

"Wild and adventurous in all the best ways, Noami's story will inspire every reader to step outside their comfort zone, hit the road, and live intentionally." - Shelby Stanger, host of REI Co-Op's Wild Ideas Worth Living and author of Will to Wild

As a vanlifer myself, I loved reading about Naomi's joys and hardships while living in her Volkswagen campervan. Vanlife is growing in popularity, and while wonderful in the freedom and adventure it allows, it also has it's fair share of challenges. Naomi doesn't gloss over these challenges in her book and instead, brings you with her on her journey to make van life sustainable and pleasurable for her and her husband. I loved her tips and advice, plus, the beautiful color photographs immerse you within Naomi's story. A great read for anyone thinking of living the van life or curious about how others do it. -Kristin Hanes, publisher of The Wayward Home

"Noami's long been a leader in the world of vanlife. She's a gifted educator and community builder who, in everything she does, strives to make the lifestyle more accessible for anyone who wants to partake. And this beautiful book is no exception. Part memoir, part how-to guide, in Living the Vanlife Noami subverts expectations by giving us more than a dreamy veneer of what it means to hit the road. Instead, she shares the nitty gritty of their travels with candor, grace, and humor. And by including sidebars and information for individuals who have long been marginalized in vanlife, Noami makes sure everyone is taken along for the ride." -- Gale Straub, author of She Explores: Adventures on the Road and in the Wild

"With lush, full-color photos and a conversational, friendly tone, Living the Vanlife will undoubtedly appeal to anyone considering opting out of the traditional work-life model." --Shelf Awarness

Publishing Information

Publisher: S&s/Simon Element
Pub date: 2023-07-04
Length: 224 pages

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