Pell Contra Mundum

Robert A. Sirico

Book cover for Pell Contra Mundum
Book cover for Pell Contra Mundum
Book cover for Pell Contra Mundum
Book cover for Pell Contra Mundum

Pell Contra Mundum

Pell Contra Mundum

Robert A. Sirico

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The world groans and the Church stumbles. Men fail to act and inspire. To whom can we turn for an example?

George Cardinal Pell. A white martyr with insights into the spirit of this age and the ongoing crisis in the Church. A skilled administrator and captivating preacher.

A celebration of a life lived against the world and for the Lord and His Church that brings together writings from the late Cardinal Pell and contributions from Oswald Cardinal Gracias, Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Danny Casey, and George Weigel. (All texts in English, Italian, Spanish, and French).

Rev. Robert A. Sirico, author of The Economics of the Parables and Defending the Free Market, is co-founder and president emeritus of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

Publishing Information

Publisher: Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd
Pub date: 2023-09-16
Length: 250 pages

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