Trouble Finds Plum!

Matt Phelan, Matt Phelan

Book cover for Trouble Finds Plum!
Book cover for Trouble Finds Plum!
Book cover for Trouble Finds Plum!
Book cover for Trouble Finds Plum!

Trouble Finds Plum!

Trouble Finds Plum!

Matt Phelan, Matt Phelan

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A Junior Library Guild Selection

"Expert plot and character development take this latest in the series up a notch."--Kirkus Reviews

When raccoons invade the Athensville Zoo, it's up to Plum and his friends to save their beloved home. From award-winning author-artist Matt Phelan, creator of Knights vs. Dinosaurs, Trouble Finds Plum! is the third book about a young peacock whose adventures are funny, hopeful, and always kindhearted. A hilarious, highly illustrated novel perfect for reluctant readers and animal lovers everywhere.

When Plum the peacock stumbles across a raccoon asking for help finding food on a gloomy day at the zoo, he is delighted to assist his new friend. But Scratch the raccoon doesn't stop there. More and more of Scratch's friends arrive, and soon the zoo is overrun by rowdy and rude raccoons. Though trouble might have found Plum, Plum has a plan to save the Athensville Zoo--and make a few new friends at the same time.

Award-winning author Matt Phelan has elementary school readers at the heart of each book in the Plum series. These young middle grade novels have short chapters and energetic black-and-white illustrations on almost every page, and each book tackles an emotional theme relevant and accessible to the audience. Full of heart and humor, Trouble Finds Plum! is the third novel about bighearted Plum the peacock and his adventures at the Athensville Zoo. The Plum books are ideal for fans of the Princess in Black and the Mercy Watson series.

Critical Reviews

"A peacock's kindheartedness and cleverness prove immune to cynicism. Undaunted by rain, peppy Plum is the only zoo inhabitant around when a bedraggled raccoon shows up. . . . Power makes the raccoons hungry for more, and their rudeness becomes bullying. But with help from Itch the ningbing, Jeremy the cat, and, naturally, Plum, 'brains and heart' eventually save the day. . . . Expert plot and character development take this latest in the series up a notch." -- Kirkus Reviews

"When Scratch, a bossy, greedy raccoon, and his gang invade the zoo . . . the subsequent chaos disrupts what had been a bucolic home. Plum and his friends--including a domestic cat named Jeremy, a ningbing named Itch, a family of chipmunks, and a bear who lives in the nearby woods--work together to solve the problem. . . . Plum accomplishes his goal by working with others; Scratch realizes that family can be made from those who care about you, even if they are not the same species; and all the zoo animals learn about leadership and problem-solving."? -- Horn Book Magazine

"Plucky peacock Plum is back with another entertaining installment that has him facing his highest-stakes situation yet. . . . Plum is thrilled by an unexpected visit from a raccoon named Scratch. Though Plum hopes to make a new friend, it's clear that the nefarious mammal means to take over the zoo. . . . It's a delight to drop back into this wacky zoo world and become reacquainted with the comical cast of critters. . . . The brisk pace, witty wisecracks, and humorous illustrations easily retain attention, and Plum's eternal optimism and perpetual enthusiasm are contagious." -- Booklist

Publishing Information

Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Pub date: 2023-10-10
Length: 128 pages

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